The Delta Internal Revenue Service (DSIRS) is an offshoot of the Delta State Board of Internal Revenue (DBIR) which was an extra-Ministerial Department established at the creation of Delta State on the 27th August, 1991. DBIR itself is an offshoot of the defunct Bendel State Board of Internal Revenue from which Delta State was created.

The Delta Internal Revenue Service (DSIRS) was established by the Delta State Internal Revenue Service Law which came to force on 13th May 2020. The law established DSIRS as a body corporate with exclusive powers to control, administer, impose and collect different taxes and levies and other forms of revenue within the State. The DSIRS is governed by the Delta State Internal Revenue Service Board (DSIRSB) comprising of 12 members under the leadership of a Chairman.

The core function of DSIRS is revenue generation through the assessment and collection of taxes/tariffs to enable the State Government to fund its numerous financial commitments.

Since 1991, the following “Administrators/Chairmen”, have been at the helm of affairs of the Board.

  1. R. Gwam-Odogwu (1991 – 1997),
  2. S.K Metseagharun, now late (1998),
  3. Patrick T. Okpu (1999 – 2000),
  4. Uviomo Akpo (2000 – 2009),
  5. Joel-Onowakpo Thomas (2009 – 2015), (the first Executive Chairman with the enactment of the Delta State Internal Revenue Consolidation Law (2009) which provides for the establishment of a governing board headed by an Executive Chairman), and,
  6. Sir Monday John Onyeme, FCA, FCTI (2015 to 1st July, 2022),
  7. Hon. Emuoghenerue E. O. Kelly Executive Director  (4th July 2022 to 10th July 2023),
  8. Mr. Onokpasa Ogoni Patrick Executive Director (10th July 2023 to 24th July 2023),
  9. Hon. Solomon Ighrakpata Executive Chairman (July 25th till Date).

The Board consist of:

  1. The Chairman;
  2. 3 Executive Directors (one each representing a Senatorial District);
  3. 4 Honourable Commissioners or their representatives (Economic Planning, Lands & Survey, Finance Directorate of Transport)
  4. The Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice or his representative
  5. Executive Director Legal Services (Enforcement and Compliance);
  6. Two Directors in charge of Income Tax and Other Revenues.

For further details, please download the Delta State Internal Revenue Service Law, 2020 Here


To generate optimum revenue for Delta State Government to enable it provide outstanding social services for the people


To provide excellent transparent services in line with global best practices and in compliance with extant laws that will result in voluntary compliance and a robust revenue generation